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Patents Assigned to Scoperta, Inc. Methods of selecting material compositions and designing materials having a target property. Patent number: In one aspect, a method of selecting a composition of a material having a target property comprises receiving an input comprising thermodynamic phase data for a plurality of materials.

The method additionally includes extracting from the thermodynamic phase data a plurality of thermodynamic quantities corresponding to each of the materials by a computing device. The extracted thermodynamic quantities are predetermined to have correlations to microstructures associated with physical properties of the material. The method additionally includes storing the extracted thermodynamic quantities in a computer-readable medium. The method further includes electronically mining the stored thermodynamic quantities using the computing device to rank at least a subset of the materials based on a comparison of at least a subset of the thermodynamic quantities that are correlated to the target property.

Type: Grant. Filed: February 2, Date of Patent: December 3, Assignee: Scoperta, Inc. Impact resistant hardfacing and alloys and methods for making the same. Abstract: Disclosed herein are embodiments of alloys which can be used for hardfacing applications, and hardfacing layers themselves. In particular, embodiments of the alloys can have high hardness as well as impact resistance. These advantageous properties can occur due to the inclusion of hardfacing particles, as well as other compositional, microstructural, thermodynamic, and performance criteria.

Filed: July 22, Date of Patent: November 5, Hardfacing alloys resistant to hot tearing and cracking. Abstract: Disclosed herein are embodiments of hardfacing alloys which can be resistant to hot tearing and cracking. In doing so, the hardfacing alloys can meet certain thermodynamic, microstructural, and performance criteria. Further, in some embodiments the hardfacing alloys can also have high levels of macro-hardness.Scoperta Incorporated is an advanced materials company focused on integrating the next generation of metals, amorphous alloys, into industrial and commercial products for increased performace.

Scoperta Incorporated Amorphous alloys are superior to conventional metals in terms of strength, corrosion, wear, resistance, formability, hardness, and scratch resistance. Scoperta has designed a family of superior performance alloys for use in protecting metal surfaces in a variety of industrial sectors including oil and gas, cutting tools, military, mining equipment, boiler tubes, etc.

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The material is capable of withstanding extreme corrosive wear, and high impact environments. All alloys developed at Scoperta Incorporated, are designed using the proprietary rapid alloy development RAD software.

Such software provides an edge to Scoperta in quickly designing next generation cost effective materials for specific applicaions, not only pertaining to metallic glasses.

Current work includes developing corrosion resistant braze alloys and reactive materials.

scoperta inc

Scoperta's proprietary amorphous alloys, VecalloyTMare superior to conventional metals and other amorphous and nanostructured metals in terms of strength, corrosion and wear resistance, hardness and scratch resistance.

The VecalloyTM family of alloys are the first capable materials that can form an completely amorphous coating in a variety of processing conditions using cost effective material blends. VecalloyTM coatings act as protective barriers for industrial product and components. VecalloyTM products serve the range of industrial applications including offshore, marine, cutting tools, military, mining, power generation enhancing product life and performance.

Alloys and processing techniques have been specifically tailored to perform in a variety of environments saltwater corrosion, high temperature corrosion, non-skid, metal to metal wear, metal to earth abrasion, erosion, cavitation, extreme corrosion, heavy impact.

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BRIEF-OC Oerlikon signs agreement to acquire Scoperta Inc.

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The disclosure relates in some embodiments to hard coatings and weld overlays used to protect surfaces from wear and corrosion. The hardfacing process is a technique by which a hard metal alloy is deposited onto a surface which requires protection from wear. In some cases hardfacing materials are also subject to corrosive media, most commonly salt water.

An example of such an application is a pipeline which carries an abrasive slurry composed of a mixture of sands, rocks and saltwater. This application is common to the mining industry. The most common hardfacing materials belong to the family of chromium carbides. For the purposes of this disclosure, chromium carbide overlays are defined as any material which forms hypereutectic or hypoeutectic chromium carbides.

In these alloys, the large volume fraction of chromium carbides generates the wear resistance required of the hardfacing material. However, chromium carbides exhibit two negative effects: 1 they deplete the matrix of chromium and 2 they embrittle the microstructure.

Disclosed herein are embodiments of a work piece having at least a portion of its surface covered by a layer possessing a hardness of at least 50 Rockwell C and an elevated corrosion resistance as defined by a corrosion rate loss of less than about 6 mils per year in an aerated salt water environment 3. In some embodiments, the layer can exhibit a corrosion rate loss of less than about 3 mils per year in an aerated salt water environment 3. In some embodiments, the layer can comprise Fe and in wt.

In some embodiments, the alloy composition can be selected from the group consisting of, in wt. In some embodiments, the alloy composition can be selected from group consisting, in wt. In some embodiments, the alloy composition can be selected from group consisting of, in wt. In some embodiments of the compositions disclosed herein, the alloys may consist essentially of the percentage of the elements listed with the balance being iron.

In some embodiments, these compositions may comprise additional elements, such as nickel or other impurities, with the iron being the balance.

Disclosed herein are embodiments of a work piece having at least a portion of its surface covered by a layer comprising a microstructure comprising an Fe-based matrix comprising ferrite, austenite, martensite or a combination thereof, whereby the matrix contains a minimum of 8 wt.

In some embodiments, the matrix does not contain any iron or chromium containing carbide or borocarbide particles in excess of 5 microns in size. In some embodiments, the work piece can be a steel pipe and the layer coats at least a portion of an interior diameter of the pipe.

In some embodiments, the work piece can be a steel plate and the layer coats at least a portion of at least one surface of the steel plate. In some embodiments, the layer can be deposited using one or more of the following techniques: MIG welding, TIG welding, sub-arc welding, open-arc welding, PTA welding, laser cladding, or thermal spraying.

In some embodiments, the layer can comprise, in wt. In some embodiments, the layer or the feedstock material used to produce the layer can comprise in wt. Also disclosed herein are embodiments of a method of forming a coated work piece comprising depositing a layer on at least a portion of a surface of a work piece, wherein the deposited layer comprises a wear resistant and corrosion resistant alloy, wherein the alloy possesses the following thermodynamic traits a minimum weight fraction of chromium in an iron-based austenitic matrix phase calculated at K of at least 8 wt.

In some embodiments, the layer is deposited using one or more of the following techniques: MIG welding, TIG welding, sub-arc welding, open-arc welding, PTA welding, laser cladding, or thermal spraying.

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In some embodiments, the layer can comprise in wt. In some embodiments, the layer or the feedstock material used to produce the layer can comprise, in wt. Also disclosed herein are embodiments of a work piece having at least a portion of its surface covered by a layer, the layer comprising a high wear resistance as defined by an ASTM G65 mass loss of 0.

A hardfacing process is a technique which can be used to protect a surface from wear. Typical methods of hardfacing include the various methods of welding such as, for example, gas metal arc welding GMAWgas tungsten welding GTAWplasma transferred arc welding PTAlaser cladding, submerged arc welding, open arc welding, thermal spray, and explosive welding.

In some embodiments, it can be desirable for the hardfacing coating to be corrosion resistant as well. In some examples, increasing hardness through alloying control can be done at the expense of corrosion performance.

Chromium, as an example, is an alloying element well known to increase the corrosion performance of steels when it is in solid solution with the iron-based matrix, whether ferritic, austenitic, or martensitic. However, chromium preferentially reacts with carbon and boron, two alloying elements commonly used separately or together to increase the hardness and durability of hardfacing materials.

The formation of chromium carbides and chromium borides, effectively leeches the chromium from the iron matrix and reduces the corrosion performance of the material. Thus, there is a still a need for hardfacing alloys which also have high corrosion resistance.Oerlikon announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Scoperta Inc.

With the acquisition, Oerlikon gains for its Surface Solutions Segment unique and proprietary process technology and expertise in rapidly designing and developing materials using computational software, which enables a fast identification of disruptive material solutions. Although much of the technological development supported by advanced materials, particularly in industrial applications, remains invisible to the general public, advanced materials play an increasing key role in the design and development of industrial products and systems.

Advanced materials such as metal-based materials nickel, titanium, cobalt, steel, etc. They are vital in providing critical solutions for performance enhancements, efficiency improvements and cost reductions, while often also contributing to environmental sustainability. Founded inScoperta is a leader in modern computational materials development and an expert in translating material science into commercial products. Scoperta has a highly skilled engineering and application development team, consisting of metallurgists and scientists who have developed an advanced computational materials development approach.

Their key competencies lie in their in-depth understanding of material microstructures and material properties and in using the latest metallurgy technology for developing new materials and finished, commercially compelling materials that specifically address the needs of customers.

Scoperta is a trusted partner to major industrial companies for the joint development of advanced materials, targeting hardfacing, thermal spray and additive manufacturing applications. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. With industries seeking solutions to improve performance and sustainability, the need for advanced materials and products is continuously growing. This investment underscores our aim to stay at the forefront of the new era of innovating for advanced materials, which will be used in surface solutions and also in additive manufacturing.

In our transition to become a powerhouse in surface solutions and advanced materials, such targeted and selective investments will reinforce our in-house capabilities and provide additional growth opportunities for Oerlikon. Upcoming Events.

scoperta inc

Oerlikon Acquires Scoperta. Share This Page.Sasco Capital, Inc. We manage contrarian, value equity portfolios for corporate pension and profit-sharing funds, state and local government funds, endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals.

scoperta inc

Our primary objective is to achieve superior long term performance while delivering outstanding client service.

Investment Philosophy Our investment approach is contrarian with a value discipline and a focus on turnarounds and restructurings.

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Our discipline leads us to research and value individual business segments where there is an opportunity for smart and motivated management teams to fix, restructure and grow the company to unleash higher earnings that ultimately lead to higher stock prices. The investment approach is strictly "hands-on" stockpicking based on extensive fundamental analysis and personal meetings with senior management. Extensive fundamental analysis of segment values and restructuring opportunities, combined with meetings with senior management, enable us to value the businesses, evaluate management's ability to execute the required changes, and to project the future earning power of a company.

Scoperta Inc

Portfolio Construction We manage a concentrated portfolio of a maximum of 35 stocks characterized by a high active ratio. Our investment approach provides for an average holding period of about three years.

We remain fully invested at all times. We do not employ options, futures or derivative instruments.

Scoperta Marketing Co Inc

All portfolios are managed identically. Why Invest With Sasco Adherence to our focused discipline has produced long-term excess returns and significant capital appreciation for our clients. Moreover, our concentrated, high active ratio portfolio serves as a beneficial complement to passive index funds as well as other active growth and value managers.The initial concept of the rapid alloy development software was developed at the University of California, San Diego.

At the time it was created to design a very unique class of materials known as amorphous steels. Scoperta was founded upon the realization that utilizing advanced computational techniques to design alloys is the future of materials science.

Scoperta continues to evolve the Rapid Alloy Design method and software tools truly employing big data material informatics. Since our founding, we have cultivated strategic manufacturing partners and distributions networks. Today, our strategic manufacturing partners deliver evaluation and production quantities of our alloy solutions throughout the world in multiple forms including hardfacing welding wires, powders for PTA welding, thermal spray products, and cast components. Leaders in developing disruptive alloy technology using RAD —powerful analytics software and database— and delivering commercial solutions through our world class network of manufacturing and distribution partners.

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